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How this all came to be

A long time ago.. nah I'm kidding. It was a series of things that kind of came together and that's how it got started. I was in college studying graphic design and was in art history class just got a assignment that I had to copy a artist art, but make it mine. Looking at all these artists, but I'm thinking like man... I don't want to do any of these artists lol. I started really looking at the artists that we could choose from and then I was like oh snappp!! I wanted to get this artist held my hand up and was like hey I want to get Keith Haring. Yes, Keith Haring.. if you don't know his work there you go. So i started the artwork and I was like I don't know anything about graffiti so started researching what it was.. started beigen studying ( is that even a thing..). I finished the artwork for class. While all this was happening I was taking a printmaking class and putting stencils on paper and I was like man.. I wonder if I can put this on the a shirt. Asked my teacher and he was like go right ahead and I was like awesome. Created a shirt and did a video for my video class, Yeah I know there are a lot of classes lol stay with me though, but anyway i showed it to class and everyone was like oh can you make me a shirt?? I didn't even think about that so I put it to the side for me to come back to figure out another time and I was really getting into graffiti watching videos, buying spray paint and practicing on the side of my art department.People would come by talk to me and take pictures.People would even tag me when they put them on instagram I thought this was awesome. Around this time my teacher saw I had a fascination with screen-printing so he would ask me to screen-print shirts with him for a school. I was like ughh yeah always up to learn something new and I started to figure it out. I finally broke up with my girlfriend for the final time.. (long story) but anyway there was this weight on my shoulders that literally just fell off and I was instantly inspired to create something. I literally came up with bstill after this break up that was toxic and I feel like it was stopping my creative mind from exploring ideas. It was the spark that lit the fire in a way if all these series of events didn't happen this brand might not of have existed. :) 

If you stayed until the end I really appreciate it! Let me know what you think ?