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I was overly conscience and it ended up hurting me bad..

After I had a couple of designs for my brand I was creating some of my most popular design, but at the time I was worried that they might do well or anyone wouldn't like them.So I didn't print enough of the designs just enough to see how they would do. I went to a festival (greatly underestimated a festival by the way) to vend. The amount of people there was absolutely overwhelming I was like omg will I be ok.. Hours later people started to buy shirts and I was happy that people were like the shirts. Guess what happened.. the design that I didn't print enough of was the first one to practically sell out.. yeah I know right it really sucked. I had done it in three colors purple, black and heather grey. So when people had came to buy a shirt in a certain color or size I felt horrible because I really wanted to get them the shirt they wanted. Which really sucked for me.. some of the people lit up so much that it made it that much worse. The other design I was a little bit confident with and had printed more of did well, but I didn't sell no where as many. If I had taken that chance I would of probably made a lot more people happy getting them the shirt they wanted.