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Changing inks

I started to really get into my brand and I really wanted to get more shirts. I didn't have the equipment to get print my own shirts so I had to figure out how I could get some shirts printed. I was home and I was doing graphics for a screen printing shop in my home town. So I looked at there website and it really needed some work so I asked him if he would be willingly to print me some shirts for my brand if I did them a new website. We had a deal.. I was ecstatic and started working on there website... They called me that the shirts were ready and was happy. I got my logo on navy and red shirts. They were printed with plastisol and if anyone knows what they feel like they are heavy, tacky and don't last long.. anyway. I put one on and i was like what is this on my skin... at the time I wasn't too familiar with plastisol ink. I knew then If I wouldn't wear it, I couldn't expect others to do the same so they sat in my room. Sold a few at events and shows, but I knew it wasn't the kind of shirt I wanted to provide to my customers. So I decided that December that I would give the rest of the shirts away for free! Start over and find something that I would rock. Then I remembered that the first shirts I made were printed with water based ink, but it wasn't high quality ink. I looked online and finally found some and I've been doing it ever since. I think it was for the best because I always run into customers and they tell me how much they love them. Forget they are even wearing it sometimes. I laugh and smile.